Training program day 1

I finally succumbed to the idea that a training schedule may actually be a good idea to prepare for my 5km race in just under 4 weeks.  So, yesterday, I scoured the net and found a training program which seemed to be manageable, and which I could adapt to the 4 weeks I have before the race.

Day 1 did not start well.  After recovering from a bout of food poisoning last week, today I started getting a really sore throat.  I was determined not to let this get in my way on day 1 though… so I pushed on with my 15 minute ‘gentle jog’ (as suggested in my adapted training program).  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – I felt pretty good after not running properly for a few weeks (outside anyway).  I managed 2.8km in 15mins 22secs.

2 days off now (mainly because I have a few late nights of work coming up, well not work work, but things related to work), and another 15 minutes on Thursday.

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