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I’m off on a camping trip to France over the summer with my boyfriend.  We will be going to places we’ve never been before.  We don’t have a sat nav.  Time to buy one I feel.

I was aware of a couple of brands, but thought that there were probably more.  I did a quick search, and right enough there were others.  I quickly discounted ones where I wasn’t clear if Europe was covered.  This left me with the original two brands – TomTom and Garmin.

My next port of call was their respective websites.

Neither are amazing, but Garmin definitely came out on top.  For a start they enabled me to filter their products – I only wanted to see sat navs which included Europe.  Straight away that was 17 less products for me to look at.  TomTom on the other hand don’t enable any sort of filtering, so you are left to do this on your own by looking at the product name and description.

Secondly, the Garmin website enabled comparison of products.  This is a godsend when the products are in fact so similar.  There was no easy way of doing this on TomTom.  A Google search for ‘compare tom tom sat nav’ took me to a comparison page, allegedly on their site, but you could only compare the products they had chosen.  And there wasn’t a great deal of information to compare on.

Thirdly, the compare feature on the Garmin website enabled me to find out what the different products offered.  There was no easy way of doing this on the the TomTom website.  Their website would probably win on the ‘looking good’ awards, but it just doesn’t deliver.  There are videos, but they took forever to load.  And there just isn’t the same level of technical (presented in a non technical way) information.

I think I’m going to buy a Garmin.  It was just easier to find information about them.  I feel more confident that I know what I’m going to get.

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