Cinema e-tickets

This is so simple, yet it pleased and surprised me.  Not bad for a Friday afternoon.

We planned on visiting the cinema on Friday evening to see INVICTUS.  We had planned on going last Friday evening as well, but when the film was sold out when we arrived.  This week we thought we’d book it in advance.

I rang the cinema to book tickets, and the process was super smooth.  As soon as I got off the phone, there was an email in my inbox confirming my purchase.  I had not expected this (I don’t think I’ve ever had an email confirmation when booking tickets on the phone before – normally you just turn up with the credit card you used to book, and pick up your tickets in the cinema).  I was quite impressed (clearly, I’m just easily impressed).

Also, the confirmation email had one of those weird square barcodes on.  It turned out my email was also my ticket – the usher scans this at the screen entrance, and voila.  No queues.  Brilliant.

Oh, and INVICTUS was pretty good too.

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