Burritos as big as your head

I love burritos.  In fact I love pretty much any Mexican food.  So, I was delighted to visit The Mission Mexican Grill (they know burritos) in Reading over the weekend.  The smell of the place, the sight of other people’s burritos – it all whet my appetite.

When I got up to the counter to order, it reminded me of Subway – lots of things to choose from to go into your burrito.  I started getting a bit panicked – how am I meant to know what all the different fillings are, and what goes together best?  And then I saw the menu.  It is phrased in such a way that it intends to help you choose your meal.  Ignore it.  I read it, and my mind started boggling with all the available choices – you choose your beans (black or pinto), your main filling (chicken, pork, steak or vegetarian – more of that later), whether you want cheese (30p extra) OR guacamole (70p extra) OR sour cream etc.  In fact you can get all 3.

Best just to let your server lead you through.  If you get a chance to interrupt her that is – before you know it you will have a burrito as big as your head, no doubt with a few things you don’t want (e.g. cheese, guac AND sour cream).

All this aside – the burritos are GREAT and you won’t need to eat for at least 24 hours later.

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