Just tell me how much it costs to park my car

I’m off to the o2 Arena on Saturday night to watch a gig.  It’s a pretty awkward place to get to if you live Westwards outside of London.  Taking the train will probably take considerably longer than driving, what with all the changes and waiting around.  But what about parking?

My first port of call was the o2 Arena website.  Obvious place to start I would have thought.  They have a label: ”Getting to the o2″.  Perfect.  I arrive on a page, and the second item on the list is “Parking”.  Brilliant.  Then things start to go a little pear shaped.  The next page I arrive on has information about how to get there by car.  I don’t want that.  I want information about parking.

And more specifically I want information about how much parking costs.  I scroll down the page and I see a nice big button “Pre-book Parking”.  Great.  But I still haven’t seen how much it costs.

On the resulting page I have to fill in a large form.  I don’t want to fill in a form without knowing how much it’s going to cost me.  At the bottom, I notice the call-to-action is “Check prices and pay”.  Am I paying now?  But I don’t know how much it is.  I realise I haven’t filled in any payment details.  I relax slightly and click.  My page is then riddled with error messages because I still don’t want to fill the form in!

I am far more likely to fill the form in and make my booking if I have all the information I need up front.

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