Race day

So I’ve missed entering a few training sessions in here… but that doesn’t matter now! Today was race day. I along with more than 2000 other ladies, mostly dressed in pink, turned up to run 5km around Windsor race course. The start of the race was delayed as there was so much traffic for the race, but we got going at about 11:30am.

I started the race with 2 of my friends – Jo and Anna. Jo is an ex-full time triathlete, Anna is a friend from university. Jo and I ran the race together and finished in just under 30 minutes – I think our exact time was 29 minutes 30 seconds. I think we were in the top 50, but it was a very relaxed affair!

I feel pretty pleased with myself that I managed to run 5km non stop – I really didn’t think that I’d be able to do it! Now it’s just a case of thinking about what to do next!

Thank you to everyone who donated money to Cancer Research UK on my behalf – I managed to raise £215 in total.

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