Peacock in forecourt

Covid-19 lockdown in Spain: Day 5

Wednesday 18 March 2020. Day 5 of the lockdown. We’re getting into the swing of things. The children are happier than ever to be at home, which is certainly helpful.

I needed to buy a couple of top-up grocery items as well as some paper, so I wandered up to Carrefour. I felt very guilty walking around and only saw a handful of cars on the road. No other pedestrians. I’m not even sure whether walking around is allowed, but Carrefour is so close it would be criminal to drive. On my way there I saw a rather magnificent peacock strolling down the hill. As I was leaving Carrefour, the same (I presume) peacock was casually walking across the garage forecourt. Not enough traffic to make the old chap fearful.

Carrefour was pretty quiet. They were low on chiller stock, but the store cupboard type ingredients were being restocked, and those shelves were looking a bit fuller. I managed to get everything I went for, other than hummus.

Activity of the day today was lego. And some more bike riding. Oh, and we power washed the drive to get rid of all the chalk road markings.

There are some aspects of the lock down which are getting more stringent – e.g. if you do need to go out, the only person in the car should be the driver. And I’ve seen news that people walking their dogs more than 50m from their homes are getting a talking to, and in some cases fined, by police. It’ll be a while, I think, before we see any marked effect from the lockdown, but I can understand why the measures would be stringent. There is, already, of course talk that the lockdown is likely to be longer than 15 days… will I be able to keep this blog going for all that time? Maybe I’ll drop the frequency a little.

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