What’s on the box tonight?

I’ve never been a big TV watcher (other than when “The Great British Bake Off” or “The Apprentice” or “Spooks” or… oh wait, maybe I watched more than I thought).  Mr H, on the other hand, loves to watch sport (or, more specifically, football) and the odd action or drama series.  Back in the UK we had Virgin Media, with a Sky Sports top-up.  But I remember often flicking through the channels and complaining that there wasn’t much to watch.

In the Philippines, it seems there is even less worth watching.  When we first arrived, we were pleased to have cable TV installed in our apartment.  It meant, at least, that we could see world news.  It also meant that Mr H could watch a bit of sport (even though the 8 hour time difference often meant quite a late night) and the odd episode of “River Monsters”.

But, what else is on?  We now have Sky Cable installed in our apartment.  Admittedly, there are quite a few channels on there.  But how often can you find anything decent to watch?  And how do you know what’s on?  There is a TV guide on Sky Cable’s website, but it’s a usability nightmare.  To see what’s on, you have to select a channel from a drop down list, enter the date and hit ‘Go’.  Oh, to have the Radio Times where you can see what’s on different channels at what times.  There is the option of scrolling through the channels when the TV is on, but even that is a pain to use.  The things we took for granted in the UK – Virgin Media’s on screen TV guide and their mobile app.

Back to what else is on.  There are movie channels, sports channels (including a channel dedicated to basketball), news channels and some lifestyle channels.  I haven’t even bothered to explore the rest.  Whenever I go to those channels by accident, I just hear noise blaring from the box.  I find myself watching A LOT of “Asia Food Network”, full of programs made in America.  Generally they just leave me drooling and wondering where I can get half of the ingredients to make the dishes mentioned on the programs.

Luckily, Wimbledon is being shown at the moment.  I’m wondering whether The Ashes will be shown when they start, but I am doubtful.

Thinking about it now, I would love to be able to watch endless repeats of “Have I Got News For You”, “Dragon’s Den”, “QI” or whatever else is showing on Dave.  Never mind that I may have seen them before, or that they’re years old.

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