We’re going camping: will we be able to charge our devices?!

The last time we went on a long camping trip was 2007. 9 years ago.

I had a Samsung SGH-D900 in Wine Red. Mr H probably had a Nokia or Sony Ericsson. We didn’t really use the Internet on our phones, it was far too slow for a start. In fact we hardly turned our phones on the whole time we were away (although, it was very exciting to see what background my Samsung automatically displayed depending on our location with its clever custom animated backgrounds) and one charge probably lasted the whole 2 week trip.

Mr H had just bought an iPod. A 5th generation in black. The first iPhone had just been released but I don’t think we’d heard about it. iPads were a few years off being released.

Essentially, we didn’t have many devices with us and almost no requirement for chargers. As I was starting to plan what we’ll need to take with us this time it struck me that we’ll be taking a lot more electronic devices and will, therefore, need to find somewhere to charge them. I hope campsites have kept up with the times and have plenty of charging points for us humble tent campers.

Chargers and the zillion other things we’ll need to take with us!