Arroyo de la Miel to Salamanca

It turns out I had to pack quite a few chargers (including one for my watch!), but actually they were fairly insignificant compared to everything else we needed to bring.


We left about 45 minutes later than planned. It was all going so well – we were all dressed, fed & packed; the blinds were down, everything was unplugged and the rubbish bins empty. Then I casually said to Mr H,

“Is the roof rack on the right way?”

It wasn’t. We had to unscrew it, turn it 180 degrees and only then were we ready to go.

We had a long journey ahead – Arroyo de la Miel to Salamanca.

Route map: Arroyo de la Miel to Salamanca

About an hour into our journey Little Miss H fell asleep. A few minutes later she vomited. Quick stop, run around, drink of water, change of clothes and we were on our way again. I moved into the back with her. 15 minutes later she tells us she needs a ‘ee ee’ (wee wee). Another stop, potty out, business done and we were on our way. At this point Mr H points out we still have 4 hours 40 to go…

We stopped for lunch (homemade cheese & ham bocadillos) just over 2 hours into our journey. It was a welcome stop to fill our tums and stretch our legs.

By our next stop we were very close to Caceres. This was our backup stop if the journey wasn’t going well. We decided to push on to Salamanca estimating we’d be at the site at about 6pm.

Motorway driving in Spain is a dream. The roads are in excellent condition and generally very quiet. We made good progress. The scenery changed from hilly, to rolling hills with lots of olive groves, to flat, to luscious valleys just south of Salamanca to open plains around Salamanca.

Driving into Salamanca you’re greeted with a beautiful ecclesiastic skyline. We were looking forward to exploring the city the next day.

Our campsite (Regino) was easy to find and we arrived as predicted at 6pm. 8 hours of travelling having covered 700km. Phew. Luckily Little Miss H loved the campsite and the excitement of pitching the tent in earnest for the first time. All weariness from the journey evaporated.

We were still a bit too weary to cook so decided to eat at the campsite snack bar. I don’t think we’d make that mistake again. It was microwaved frozen ready meals.

Little Miss H was a little too excited to sleep, but I think we all drifted off at around 11pm. Night.