Walking to work

I’ve probably said this a few times on the blog, but I love being able to walk to work.  No more being at the mercy of other drivers on the road, and it’s so close that I don’t spend hours of my life commuting.  I thought I’d put a few pics up of the walk itself:

1) The first crossing from our apartment block

Photo of Paseo de Roxas street

 2) Left turn onto Gamboa

Photo of Gamboa street

3) Right turn to walk through Washington Sycip Park (one of 4 parks in Makati – really pretty and quiet).

Photo of Washington Sycip Park

4) Across the road and another right turn onto Thailand (Rada) Street

Photo of Thailand street

5) Left turn onto Dela Rosa Street (see the elevated walkway to the right of the picture)

Photo of Dela Rosa street

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