The benefits of a lack of organisation

This may just be my perception, but generally things in the Philippines don’t seem very organised.  For example, a number of the doctors that I’ve seen don’t work by appointment – you just turn up and wait your turn.  I don’t *think* there bus timetables – you just show up at the station and wait for the next one to your destination.  In restaurants it’s common for one diner to have finished their meal before another has even received theirs.

But sometimes this lack of organisation works in our favour.  Take the example of the gas canister running out.  Whilst I was sterilising various baby-feeding-paraphernalia on a Sunday I noticed that the gas was low.  Very low.  About to run out low.  First thing Monday morning I phoned the concierge in our building to order a new canister.  Within less than an hour someone had turned up with the new canister and fitted it. 

We’re cooking with gas again. 

I’m not sure that that would happen so fast in a more ‘organised’ country where there are schedules to stick to, which are organised days in advance.

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