Our new abode

We’ve now moved into our more permanent abode here in Makati.  The apartment is in a great location – right next to the Greenbelt shopping area and a 10-15 minute walk from both of our offices.

Here are some photos, which I feel do not accurately represent my camera skills.  Although I’ve never proclaimed to be any good at internal property photos!  I may have to replace the ‘view’ one with a better shot if I ever take one.  No balcony with grand sunsets this time round, but there is an upside – the apartment is cooler without direct sunlight ever hitting it.

Dining area, looking through to kitchen.
View from lounge.  These are all big houses, with nice gardens, in the gated ‘San Lorenzo Village’.
Kitchen.  Small, but perfectly formed.
Our bedroom. 
Our bedroom again, looking towards wardrobes & ensuite.

The pool.

The pool is on the 5th floor this time.  There is a large pool, which can be used for proper swimming if it’s quiet enough, and a kiddie’s pool.  There’s also a kid’s playground, a gym and various other amenities including a spa!  I feel so priveleged to have all of these things right on my doorstep.

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