One of the best cafés in Málaga

I had this vague idea, a while ago, that I would do a series of ‘3 of the best…’  I’ll start by doing a ‘One of the best…’ and take it from there!

We stumbled upon this bike-themed café, Recyclo, attached to a bike shop, around October 2014.  It must have opened shortly before that, as it wasn’t there when we lived in Málaga over the summer of 2014.

We fell in love with this café immediately.  It just wasn’t like the majority of other cafés in Málaga.

Yes, there is a menu full of ‘tostada’ (see glossary at the foot of this post), but you can get more than ‘mixto’ and ‘catalana’.  You can get avocado with tomato and feta.  And various other combinations.  Yes, you can get ‘zumo de naranja’. But you can get lots of other fresh juices too.  And yes, you can get an ‘infusion’. But the range from which to choose is more impressive than most cafés .

And the menu itself has had some thought put into it.  It’s well laid out.  And it’s got a quirky design.

The interior of the café is interesting too.  Wall sculptures made from bicycle seats.  The brickwork even includes built-in bike artwork. The distressed wooden floor adds warmth. And there are bicycles hanging from the ceiling (and there is even one holding up the sink in the mens’ toilets).

Photo of bikes on the ceiling in Recyclo cafe

The service is great.  Friendly, efficient and quite often multi lingual (although our Spanish is getting better…).

And to top it all off, the food is really tasty and very good value (breakfasts from €2.50 and a lunch ‘menu’ from €6).  I think it is aimed at the student market, which might explain its ambience and menu prices.

Recyclo Bike Café
Marqués de Villafiel, 4.
29005, Málaga.
951 353 716



Tostada – toast.  Either a roll cut in half, both sides toasted and topped with a topping of your choice, or a filled toasted roll.
Mixto – a common tostada filling of ham and cheese.
Catalana – another common filling of iberian ham and grated tomato.
Zumo de naranja – fresh orange juice.
Infusion – a herbal tea.
Menu – a 2 or 3 course set price meal often including bread and a drink.

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