Lost in translation

Mr H & I are both trying to learn Spanish.  We are doing it quite differently.  I am using Duolingo and I am having weekly Spanish lessons.  Mr H is using another website (I clearly don’t pay enough attention when he speaks to me, because I can’t remember which one) and Google Translate.  He uses Google Translate to learn phrases whenever he needs to do something e.g. explain how he wants his hair cut, or change physiotherapy appointments.A few weeks ago he needed to change a physiotherapy appointment.  He asked the receptionist if he could change his appointment because:

“Tengo que cumplir a mi esposa”

He thought that he was saying “I need to meet my wife.”

It turned out, when he was relaying this tale to a friend of his, that he had been saying: “I need to satisfy my wife”!!!

The receptionist apparently had a great poker face.  I wonder what she said to her colleagues afterwards?

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