I just want to buy an ice-cream

Well, and eat it.

Friday night = treat night.  If I’m lucky.  I was lucky – we headed to a Gelato stand in Greenbelt 3 which a huge selection of flavours.  I went for Amaretto.  In a cone.

The ice-cream lady scooped up a nice big ball of ice cream, placed it on the cone.  And the cone broke.

She tried again.  The same problem.  This time, some of the cone attached itself to the ice cream, and landed up back in the original tub.

She handed over the scoop to another lady.  I could see she was about to try the same thing again.  At this point, Mr H couldn’t watch any longer.  I suggested that I just get a cup, instead of a cone.  Ah, problem solved!  By the customer.

I still really wanted the cone though – I ended up with an ice-cream that might be served at a children’s party, to look a bit like a clown.  All that aside it was delicious.

Photo of Rebecca eating ice cream


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