Exploring Cádiz – part 3 Vejer de la Frontera & Cádiz

From Arcos de la Frontera, we headed coastward to Vejer de la Frontera.

We had mixed feelings about moving on – I had loved staying in the house we’d rented in Arcos, but the lack of internet connection was a big issue for Mr H.  He was keen to get back online.

In typical Harvey style, we’d left it to the last minute to book our next accommodation.  Well, this time it wasn’t just our lack of organisation – we also hadn’t had access to the internet to do any on-the-go planning.  So, until the day we were leaving we didn’t know we were actually leaving that day.  It was another airbnb jobbie and this host wasn’t as communicative as some.  But at about lunch time we heard that all was good for us to arrive a day earlier.

We headed off at about 4, arriving into Vejer in time to buy some supplies from the local Supersol, make Little Miss H some dinner and put her to bed almost to schedule.

Our accommodation in Arcos had really oozed personality.  The one in Vejer didn’t.  It felt damp and really quite functional.  To add insult to injury, there was no wifi.  But at least there was 3G.  On the plus side it had cows in the field next door, a lovely hammock on the veranda and a quirky bed in the garden (I don’t know if anyone slept there – perhaps that was the budget option).

The location, however, was great.  A few dirt back roads away and you were on the wild Atlantic Spanish coast.  10 minutes in the other direction and you were on the highway heading north to Cádiz or south-east back to Málaga.

Photo of feet in the sea

We spent our first day exploring the nearby beaches and the town of Vejer, and our second day exploring Cádiz.

The coast in this part of the country is really quite different to the coast on the Costa del Sol, where we live.  It is wilder, less populated, less touristed with more powdery golden sand.  The eating establishments we encountered were either refreshingly local (the churros stand in Barbate) or slightly funky (Bar Las Dunas near Faro de Trafalgar).  We loved it.

Vejer itself is a charming whitewashed town, set atop a hill.  It has a big variety of eating establishments and beautiful views over the surrounding countryside.

And Cádiz… well, it is definitely a nice place to while away a day.  We met one of Mr H’s colleagues there who gave us a whirlwind tour.  Essentially, if you’re on the island in the old town of Cádiz you can’t go far wrong!  You can wander the perimeter, or get lost in the warren of narrow streets within it.  We did both.  I loved it.  It had a great vibe to it with tonnes of interesting eateries and drinking holes.

Little Miss H just got tired of all the walking around.

Photo of little girl lying on the floor
Mum, I’m tired