Exploring Cádiz – part 2 Jerez

Whilst staying near Arcos we ventured out on 2 more day trips: the first to Jerez and the second to Prado del Rey.  Prado del Rey is another whitewashed village, and we didn’t spend much time there.  We had some lunch, which wasn’t very notable, and that was about it.  It was a nice drive to get there, so all was not lost.

But Jerez was different.

Jerez is one of these places that you’ve probably heard about, and it’s either for the sherry or, if you’re an F1 fan, for the F1 testing that takes place there.  But chances are, you won’t have been there.  Cities like Granada and Seville are much more likely to draw your attention if you’re visiting Andalucia.

The historic centre is small and easily walkable, although there is also an open-top bus and horse-and-trap option if you’d like an alternative way to explore.  There is also a charm which breathes out of the narrow streets and old buildings.  Every now and again you stumble upon a beautiful, grand Church hidden amongst the low-ish old buildings, or a flamenco  museum, or a closed bar (and you start wondering what the city will be like after sun down).  Once again we mostly wandered around, soaking up the atmosphere, sights and sounds.

Little Miss H has recently developed a fascination for mopeds, motorcylces, cars and buses.  In fact, pretty much any vehicle which moves.  As we’re pushing her around the city (or she’s pushing her own buggy around the city) we hear ‘mmmm’ and see her pointing at yet another vehicle… We decided that we’d take her on a bus.

But the bus never came.  In typical bus-fashion, we had seen numerous pass us as we ate our lunch, but when we went to wait at the stop, no more passed us by.

All was not lost.  Opposite the bus stop were the horse-and-traps.  We decided to fork out the €20 and take a ride to the Alcazar.  (How do children do that to you?  We would never have done something like that pre-baby.  We would probably have been saving the money to go out for dinner and drinks instead…).

Photo of family on a horse and carriage in Jerez
All aboard the horse and carriage

Safe to say that Little Miss H loved the experience.  She was grinning from ear-to-ear.  And of course still pointing out the numerous mopeds, motorocycles, cars, trucks… that we passed by!

We didn’t go into the Alcazar, nor the Cathedral, but even wandering around outside of them was interesting.  We also didn’t make it to any of the sherry bodegas.  I’m not sure how that happened, as we had planned to go… reason for another trip I suppose.