A day in Nerja

As is often the case when you live in an area, you hear over and over again that certain places warrant a visit.  One of these places is Nerja.Why?  Mostly because of its situation on the coast, which affords great views in either direction.

Nerja is situated to the East of Malaga, about an hour’s drive from where we on the West of Malaga. The easiest way to get there is by following the A7, which takes you over the top of Malaga and down the East coast.

I’ve also heard that there’s a very good Brazilian barbeque restaurant in Nerja too.  EUR12.95 for all you can eat… we didn’t try it.  I shall have to find a way of persuading Mr H that it really is a good idea.  Perhaps I will have to enforce a fast the day before?

Aside from my disappointment of not eating at said Brazilian restaurant, we did have a lovely few hours wandering around in Nerja.  It was a windy, grey and somewhat chilly day when we ventured out.  The great views were perhaps a little less great because of this, but I can definitely see what people mean.  The best place to get the much discussed views is from the Balcony of Europe in the old town.  It’s a curved structure which juts out of the old town so you can peer over the edge onto the waves crashing against the rocks and then turn to your left or right to see lots of rocky cliffs, some mountains and the blue sea of the Med.

Photo of the view from Balcon de Europa in Nerja

Our highlight, whilst on the balcony, was a little French girl, the same age as Miss H toddling over to introduce herself to Miss H in the most French way possible.  By giving her a kiss.

The old town makes for a good wander.  Lots of shops, old buildings, bars and restaurants.  It felt like it had some character left, even though it is extremely touristy.

And whilst I didn’t get to eat a Brazilian barbeque, I did get to indulge in one of my favourite food nationalities – Mexican.  We had lunch at the atmospheric Cielito Lindo (beautiful little sky being the literal translation, but I understand it is also the title of a popular Mexican song meaning lovely sweet one).  Fresh guacamole (at the price we’d pay, you’d hope the avocadoes were fresh.  Perhaps even grown with water from the Jordan River) and build-your-own fajitas.  Delicious.  Miss H had her first taste of Mexican food with a burrito.  It wasn’t as popular as the accompanying chips.

Photo of build-your-own fajitas at Cielito Lindo in Nerja


Photo of guacamole and nachos at Cielito Lindo in Nerja

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