Covid-19 lockdown in Spain: Day 4

The last time I didn’t leave one place for 4 days was when I was confined to Makati Medical Centre after giving birth to my first daughter in 2014. That was a tiny, windowless hospital room. This time I’m in a spacious house with a garden. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but somehow it is. […]

Covid-19 lockdown: Day 3

children painting rainbows

Monday 16 March 2020. I got up to start work at 7am. The children were up at about 7:45. Mr H got them dressed, gave them breakfast and started their ‘school’ day at 9:30ish. They sounded the gong to start the day, stood in line & went into the ‘classroom’. They even pretended that some […]

Living in lockdown – processing the news

lady's face with colourful hair clips

Today is Saturday 14 March 2020, the day that the Spanish government officially announced a state of emergency to try to stem the spread of Covid-19, the coronavirus spreading rampant across the world. The lockdown will kick in on Monday 16 March 2020. On Monday 9 March there were 589 confirmed, reported cases across Spain. […]

Exploring Cádiz – part 3 Vejer de la Frontera & Cádiz

From Arcos de la Frontera, we headed coastward to Vejer de la Frontera. We had mixed feelings about moving on – I had loved staying in the house we’d rented in Arcos, but the lack of internet connection was a big issue for Mr H.  He was keen to get back online. In typical Harvey […]

Exploring Cádiz – part 2 Jerez

Whilst staying near Arcos we ventured out on 2 more day trips: the first to Jerez and the second to Prado del Rey.  Prado del Rey is another whitewashed village, and we didn’t spend much time there.  We had some lunch, which wasn’t very notable, and that was about it.  It was a nice drive […]

Exploring Cádiz – part 1 Arcos de la Frontera

We spent the last 6 days exploring a small corner of Cádiz province. Can I just say how awesome it is to be able to get into our own car, drive for a few hours and be on holiday in a beautiful part of the same country?  With the same great weather.  I’m so British.  […]

A day in Nerja

As is often the case when you live in an area, you hear over and over again that certain places warrant a visit.  One of these places is Nerja.Why?  Mostly because of its situation on the coast, which affords great views in either direction. Nerja is situated to the East of Malaga, about an hour’s […]

Ronda we all look the same

When we lived in Manila we would get out of the city at least once every 6 weeks, sometimes more often.  Since we’ve moved to Andalucia we haven’t really ventured very far from home at all.  Living in Manila could be quite stifling at times – the heat, the traffic, the pollution, the noise – […]

Lost in translation

Mr H & I are both trying to learn Spanish.  We are doing it quite differently.  I am using Duolingo and I am having weekly Spanish lessons.  Mr H is using another website (I clearly don’t pay enough attention when he speaks to me, because I can’t remember which one) and Google Translate.  He uses Google […]